Christmas String Lights Window Frames

Christmas Window Light FramesChristmas Window String Light FramesChristmas Window Light Frames

Christmas window string lights and decoration framers are the — No Muss — No Fuss — All-In-One Christmas string lights and Christmas window decorating solution, which allows you more time to enjoy the holiday. This decorating solution is can be used to hang Christmas window string lights from the indoor or outdoor side of the window.

The framers are an accessory for ease of Christmas window string lighting decorating. After Christmas, the window framers have your window ready to receive Valentine and other seasonal holiday window decorations with little effort.

The window framer is an "All-In-One" Christmas window decorating accessory. Christmas window string lights, garland and ornaments can all be hung from the framer’s clips. Add as many clips as needed based on your decorating design.

The Christmas holiday window framer simply snaps on to the window, and the clips snap on to the frame. Now the window framer is ready to accept Christmas holiday string lights, ornaments and garland resulting in an easily and cleanly decorated window from both the outside and inside.

The white aluminum frame showing from the inside on to the outside of the window appears as an extension of the existing window frame. All Christmas window string lights are evenly separated and running in a straight line with no wire looping. From the inside or if the framer is placed outside, the invisible clips hold the string lights, garland and ornaments very securely.

Just try one framer for a door or window to see what you are missing. Quickly you will be framing many more windows or doors and even finding other applications for the framers.

Happy and Safe Holidays to you and your family and friends from all the "Frame Your Holiday" staff!

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